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For the discussion of marriage, the bodily union of two people is necessary and that union should follow the natural order. In the created order, marriage is distinguished by a relationship between two people who have committed themselves to the process of becoming one flesh. The unique features of the male and female bodies provide a natural sexual union that is violated when two members of the same gender engage in sexuality. Continue reading

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“I think one of the things that is really tricky, particularly to convey to parents and the congregations as well, is that if you are trying to form your kids to be Christians, it’s not going to fit them very well for American culture. And actually, it’s probably going to deform them for some of the things that we value as a society.” (Kenda Creasy Dean in an interview with Ken Myers for Mars Hill Audio Journal) Continue reading

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Is there any tragic or traumatic memory that you wish you could erase? An untimely death of a friend? An accident that still gives you chills when you remember it? A gut-wrenching broken relationship? Continue reading

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Politics offers a golden calf to Christians in an alien world. Newbigin explains, “The Enlightenment gave birth to a new conception of politics, namely that happiness can be provided by a political system and that the goal of politics is happiness.” Many Christians have confused this ideology with the mission of Christ. Continue reading

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Oddly overlooked, another pastor was offering an entirely different attitude towards our Muslim neighbors. Steve Stone of Heartsong Church in Memphis read in the newspaper a year and a half ago that a group was building an Islamic Center across the street from the church. Stone had a banner made that announced, “Heartsong Church welcomes Memphis Islamic Center to the neighborhood.” Continue reading

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The integrity of Rodgers’ life impacted the life of a very fragile girl. He had watched his own dreams of an NFL career disappear after college. He had endured a severe crisis when his marriage ended suddenly, leaving him to raise two young children. And he was trying to deal honestly with the aging process. Rodgers had encountered and conquered obstacles in his life, making him the person and the teacher who he is. And who he is rescued someone else’s life. Continue reading

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On 9/11/2001, nineteen extremist Muslims executed the deadliest terrorist plot to occur within American borders. Their actions, motivated by their religious beliefs, snuffed out the lives of 2,996 people, including their own. How do we interpret this even in light of the growing number of Muslims who live in our neighborhoods, attend our schools and serve in our government? How would we expect Jesus to respond to his Muslim neighbors? Continue reading

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