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“If God is good, loving and merciful, then how could he let this happen?” That question reverberates in the minds of many people in the wake of tragedy. Whether one dies or 230,000 die (2004 India Ocean earthquake and tsunami), people inevitably question the character of God. Continue reading

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The trial lasted only 10 days. The jury deliberated only 21 hours over two days. The sexual abuse (that was prosecuted) covered 15 years.

The jury convicted Sandusky on 45 of the 48 counts of child sexual abuse. Prosecutors identified 10 boys who were victimized by Sandusky (although many believe there were more).

Judge Freeh denounced the concealment by four top Penn State officials. The crowd outside the courtroom cheered at the announcement of the conviction. The streets and quads on Penn State campus were quiet. Victim 6 wept. Continue reading

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Then there is the matter of judgment. I remember how difficult it was to judge where the right side of my yacht-like Galaxy 500 was in relationship to the road, parked cars, and bicycles. One would think that the smaller cars would be easier to size up. Not so. More than once I have reached over and nudged the wheel to the left to save the tires from the curb, or the outside mirror from a parked car. Continue reading

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“I mean that I am blessed to have the opportunity to experience something that not many other people have the chance to experience. I am blessed to have a challenge that not many others get to have. I am blessed to have the capacity to share my experience with others and have the chance to improve the quality of someone else’s life. I’m blessed to be different.” Aimee Copeland, victim of flesh-eating bacteria that resulted in the amputation of her left leg, right foot, and both hands Continue reading

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