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Every good story, either in book or movie form, incorporates a rescue. Good stories recognize the human conflict – with evil, with nature or even with one’s self. Most storytellers, except for the most pessimistic, want to convey a sense of hope and thereby introduce some means of rescue from the conflict. And most readers, except for the most pessimistic, want a happy ending at the conclusion of the story.

The Christian story is no different. People expect a happy ending. If there is a God in heaven, then surely he must be capable of rescuing his creatures from the evil that humans have failed to restrain for millennia. Continue reading

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Sydney and Joel demonstrate the need for a hope that death does not rule over life. People may try to stare down death with bravado, but deep inside they long for a better ending to the story. Many people ignore death, as if it only happens in movies or the newspaper. When forced to peer into its ugly face, most people are willing to believe anything that will relieve the anxiety and fear, even without substantial evidence. Continue reading

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