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The call for a unity of Judaism, Christianity and Islam demands that each system deny its distinguishing doctrines. Islam would have to deny that Ishmael was the intended recipient of God’s covenant promises to Abraham. Judaism would have to deny that Isaac was the chosen seed. They would have to agree that descending from Abraham is all that matters. Then they would both have to accept that God also determined that others could become recipients of the promise through the same kind of faith that Abraham possessed, as much of Christianity believes. Continue reading

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So how should we interpret Kushner’s contrast between Judaism and Christianity? Judaism clearly possesses an ethnic dimension, but that ethnic existence originated with a belief, that God had chosen Abraham and his descendants for a special role in redemptive history. Theology preceded the community. To emphasize the community over theology devalues the calling and mission of the community.

The Christian community likewise exists because of God’s calling and mission for it. Just as Israel was to bear witness to the reality of the one true God, so the Church is called to the same mission. The community plays a key role in that witness. When we allow secondary issues to divide that community, ignoring the essential solidarity we share in Christ, we too forfeit our calling and mission. Continue reading

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