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The call for a unity of Judaism, Christianity and Islam demands that each system deny its distinguishing doctrines. Islam would have to deny that Ishmael was the intended recipient of God’s covenant promises to Abraham. Judaism would have to deny that Isaac was the chosen seed. They would have to agree that descending from Abraham is all that matters. Then they would both have to accept that God also determined that others could become recipients of the promise through the same kind of faith that Abraham possessed, as much of Christianity believes. Continue reading

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As we enter this Easter season, we are observing a political upheaval of global proportions. From protests to armed conflict, citizens of Bahrain, Tunisia, Yemen, Jordan, Egypt and Libya seek to remove oppressive governments and replace them with political systems that provide more equity and justice. Continue reading

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On 9/11/2001, nineteen extremist Muslims executed the deadliest terrorist plot to occur within American borders. Their actions, motivated by their religious beliefs, snuffed out the lives of 2,996 people, including their own. How do we interpret this even in light of the growing number of Muslims who live in our neighborhoods, attend our schools and serve in our government? How would we expect Jesus to respond to his Muslim neighbors? Continue reading

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