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More people are slipping out of the middle class into the abyss of poverty. The feast at the banquet table continues to expand for the wealthy, while the middle class and poor fight over the leftovers and scraps. Printing more currency will not reverse this trend. Amassing more debt will not secure a rescue vehicle. Continue reading

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This right-wing patriotism seems to detract Christians from the real mission of Jesus’ followers. Jesus never once intimated nationalism as a kingdom value (unless one argues for his priority of Israel in God’s program up to his generation). Where does America’s manifest destiny appear in Scriptures?

Jesus did not instruct his disciples, “Go into all the world and preach the gospel. Then gather the believers into one nation and erect high ideological walls that prevent usurpers from disrupting your comfortable religiosity – and prosperity.” Continue reading

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Perhaps Alpha has provided us with a tangible expression of the church’s mission. This mission is easily lost in the daily operation of church life. We gradually allow personal issues, individual growth and organizational matters to crowd out the compelling spirit of the church’s real mission. And what is that mission? Continue reading

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The American imperialistic affinity sometimes blurs our vision. We forget that America was not the final destination of the gospel. We forget that the New Jerusalem is not located in the West. We forget that Americans are not the ruling class in the kingdom of God. We forget that Jesus’ words to his disciples on that mountain in Galilee are no less directed to us, “Go therefore and make disciples of all nations …” (Matthew 28:19). Continue reading

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