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So how should we interpret Kushner’s contrast between Judaism and Christianity? Judaism clearly possesses an ethnic dimension, but that ethnic existence originated with a belief, that God had chosen Abraham and his descendants for a special role in redemptive history. Theology preceded the community. To emphasize the community over theology devalues the calling and mission of the community.

The Christian community likewise exists because of God’s calling and mission for it. Just as Israel was to bear witness to the reality of the one true God, so the Church is called to the same mission. The community plays a key role in that witness. When we allow secondary issues to divide that community, ignoring the essential solidarity we share in Christ, we too forfeit our calling and mission. Continue reading

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Reminiscing with my adult children often results in accounts that differ so much that I wonder if I was even there. Maybe they are recalling an event from a movie they saw. Or perhaps I am confusing my own childhood experience with theirs.

Our memories particularly diverge during their adolescent years. This does not surprise me. The hormonal upheaval in children’s lives when they mutate into teenagers must surely make dramatic alterations to brain chemistry. Adolescents sometimes act as if their rationality went into hibernate mode. Continue reading

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America trust God for protections as much as it trusts Iran for reliable intelligence. It trusts in a military force unequaled in the world. It trusts in its powerful corporations that have dictated the global economy for decades. It trusts in a political system that preserves power for the wealthy and connected. It trusts in a smug scientific community to rescue Americans from the effects of their hedonistic indulgences. But trust in God as a refuge and strength? Where is the evidence? If it trusts God, why did planners of the memorial service exclude all religious leader and all prayer? Continue reading

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Perhaps Alpha has provided us with a tangible expression of the church’s mission. This mission is easily lost in the daily operation of church life. We gradually allow personal issues, individual growth and organizational matters to crowd out the compelling spirit of the church’s real mission. And what is that mission? Continue reading

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