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This mother is wrestling with an insidious infection to relationships: resentment. Resentment results from being injured or insulted by someone. It is the negative response to being hurt. This devastating emotion often slithers into our souls unnoticed. We might respond in anger or sorrow initially and then “get over it” – so we think. A close cousin to the more hostile attitude of bitterness, resentment can hide in the crevices of the soul and go undetected as it poisons us. Continue reading

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People just cannot resist misquoting the Bible in order to support their positions. The MSNBC host of Morning Joe, Joe Scarborough, fell prey to this temptation recently. While interviewing Tavis Smiley and Cornell West, two prominent African-Americans, Scarborough took a swipe at political conservatives for their religious hypocrisy.

In the interview with his guests on “Poverty in America,” Scarborough accused conservatives, who consistently refer to religion in their message, of missing the core of Jesus’ message. To support his critique, he referred to a section of Jesus’ Olivet Discourse in Matthew 24-25. Continue reading

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The role of community in developing vital faith in teens provides an interesting commentary on Christian community, especially in light of last week’s article, “Comparing Two Communities.” Dean says, “Caring congregations help teenagers develop what social scientists call ‘connectedness,’ a developmental asset accrued from participating in the relational matrix of authoritative communities – communities that provide young people with available adults, mutual regard, boundaries, and shared long term objectives.” Continue reading

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