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I finally broke down and watched a movie that several of my daughters were raving about. “The Vow,” starring Rachel McAdams and Channing Tatum, chronicles a young couple’s tumultuous recovery from a car accident that nearly killed both of them. Paige suffered a brain injury that left a five-year hole in her memory, including the romance and marriage to her husband, Leo. Continue reading

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The right of peaceable assembly has undergirded our nation since its birth. This phrase implies a protected right to protest. When the government begins to trample on personal liberties, its citizens need some way to express their disapproval. One expression has been public corporate protests. Americans have valued this right and exercised it for decades. Continue reading

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The value of individualism dominates American society. It is like the elephant that fills the room so that all other animals must remain outside or risk being crushed by its unruly weight. We all know that interdependence and community are also values, but they are fed the leftovers from the unhealthy meal of individualism – “only when you really, really, really need help.” Continue reading

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Every good story, either in book or movie form, incorporates a rescue. Good stories recognize the human conflict – with evil, with nature or even with one’s self. Most storytellers, except for the most pessimistic, want to convey a sense of hope and thereby introduce some means of rescue from the conflict. And most readers, except for the most pessimistic, want a happy ending at the conclusion of the story.

The Christian story is no different. People expect a happy ending. If there is a God in heaven, then surely he must be capable of rescuing his creatures from the evil that humans have failed to restrain for millennia. Continue reading

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What does “culture making” look like? Any form of creativity would qualify. Artists, composers, authors, dancers, singers and many other members of the arts do it all the time. Yet, this creativity extends to a variety of other platforms, such as cooking, programming, building, plumbing (I have seen some very unusual plumbing creativity in my house), dress making, marketing – you get the point. You cannot live without making culture on some level every day of your life. Continue reading

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