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No country in the world has prepared itself for earthquakes and tsunamis more than Japan. Yet, the death toll continues to rise, estimated to reach well beyond 10,000. And a leading risk analysis firm estimates that property losses will total between $14 billion and $34 billion. Continue reading

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Sydney and Joel demonstrate the need for a hope that death does not rule over life. People may try to stare down death with bravado, but deep inside they long for a better ending to the story. Many people ignore death, as if it only happens in movies or the newspaper. When forced to peer into its ugly face, most people are willing to believe anything that will relieve the anxiety and fear, even without substantial evidence. Continue reading

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How do we explain the relationship between reason and faith? What happens when someone encounters a question they cannot answer? Does faith compromise the endeavor to find an answer through rules of logic and science? Is faith the blind leap to some mystical explanation that transcends the natural material world and bypasses reason? Continue reading

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