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“If God is good, loving and merciful, then how could he let this happen?” That question reverberates in the minds of many people in the wake of tragedy. Whether one dies or 230,000 die (2004 India Ocean earthquake and tsunami), people inevitably question the character of God. Continue reading

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At 2:46 P.M. on Sunday, March 11, horns sounded across the entire island nation of Japan. People everywhere stopped and bowed their heads in a minute of silence. Special ceremonies throughout the country commemorated the devastating disaster that occurred at … Continue reading

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I wrote the following article in 11/27/2000. A terrorist attack on American soil, a war in Iraq and Afghanistan, the election of the first African-American president, the crash of Wall Street and an economic recession later, and where are we? Have things changed? In some ways. But in some very important ways, nothing has changed.

Leadership must always bear appropriate responsibility for the direction and outcomes of those whom it influences, but we should keep it all in perspective of a greater vision of history. Is God acting in and through these leaders and their decisions? What are His purposes? Does prayer make any difference in what happens or is political activity the real path to liberation? Continue reading

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