Hello world!

Some of my friends have urged me for some time to publish my articles. Perhaps the simplest way to do so is through a blog site. So here it is. I am diving off the board into the deep water for the first time.

I am merely a truth seeker, like most people I know. I do not claim to have the final answer on anything. Nor would I imply that my perspective equals God’s perspective. Seeking means taking risks, sacrificing the ego, entering the unknown. I do so by faith.

I only hope God can use it to promote Christian thinking in the public square.

About stanwiedeman

Christian seeking to find a biblical perspective on culture and life
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3 Responses to Hello world!

  1. eric mizuno says:

    thank you for living by example in demonstrating your love for our Lord and your submission to God’s greatness. the lack of ego that you demonstrate in your life and in your words in your prayers and sermons always strikes a very deep cord in me.

  2. Brian Esser says:

    Stan, thank you so much for the Christian clarity you’ve made available to your fellow truth seekers. I hope you continue on in your literary labors to the edification of all those wanting to understand the Christian calling in the ascendant scientific secular culture we find ourselves in. So many of my disjointed thoughts and impressions put into perfect prose in your Blog. I was on a clarity quest when I found your Blog, now I look forward to coming back often to your site for more pearls of wisdom. Please, do keep up the “Good” work.

    • stanwiedeman says:

      Brian, thank you for your edifying words. They are a great encouragement. I want to be cautious that I am alert to God’s Spirit to be an assistance, not smug, to others who want to make sense out of the world where we live. I will look forward to any suggestions or corrections that you might have to contribute to the discussion.

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